Keeping It Simple

Kids Just Kickin Back on a Bridge
Some times things in life can just get overwhelming. Trying to learn everything you need to know can just be too much.

Over the course of my adult life I’ve read hundreds of books, magazine articles and research papers on all aspects of parenting, marriage, relationships, and even a little brain research and psychology and as I’ve been reading them, I always find myself fascinated with the way an author can delve deeply into a subject and really explore it from many different angles.

What I’ve found though, is that a few months later when I’m trying to recall what I learned from a particular book or article, only a few key take-away’s come to mind. The human brain has an amazing way of consolidating 500 pages of exploration into one or two easy to remember sentences. It also has the amazing ability to extrapolate out of one or two good sentences a universe of great thought.

This revelation inspired the format of Essence of Wisdom for Parents. I know from experience that parents managing busy schedules or a young couple getting ready for a new baby or trying to manage careers, a home, and young children often don’t have time, much less the peace and quiet, to sit down and read a stack of great books. This is what is special about the providing just the Essence. This book is focused on providing just those take-aways from the many good books and the many great conversations that I’ve had over the years. Couples today have the amazing ability to process information – they are inundated with it every day. I believe the wisdom provided within this book is just enough to tune the mind to what is really important, and to prompt good questions, good conversation, and some serious reflection on what this role of parent and new spouse is really all about.

What the Essence of Wisdom for Parents really teaches, is that in the end, it is simple.

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