About Ted LaFemina

Ted LaFemina is a family man and, together with his wife, raised four children. His experience growing up in a broken home combined with his own experience as husband and father gave Ted a heart for children and marriages. He has spent decades reading, sharing, listening, and learning about what it takes to be a great parent in today’s society, as shared in his first book Essence of Wisdom for Parents.

As a longtime leader of small group Bible studies, Ted was inspired to write a series of study guides to help lead those who are seeking an understanding of what the Bible has to share, but do not necessarily have an automatic trust in the Bible. These guides provide the historical background and context, so that the students can see the logic and truth behind the messages shared by Moses, Luke, and Paul, in Genesis, Acts of the Apostles, and Letter to the Romans, respectively.

Years ministering to men, both inside and outside of prison, inspired Ted to write God Worthy? A Short Course in Christianity. This short, easy to read book, presents Christianity through the lens of three questions: Am I worthy of God?, What does it mean to live a life worthy of God?, and Is God worthy of you?